South Tyrolean hospitality!

Come, discover, and enjoy the famous South Tyrolean hospitality of our traditional family-run winery! The Villa Rasslhof is dedicated to the production of organic wine. Our winery with its in-house wine tavern and country inn is situated directly on the charming South Tyrolean Wine Route. Come and soak up the historical atmosphere! This is the ideal place to spend hours of enjoyment with good friends and great vintages.

A refreshing blend of wine and nature


We can trace our origins back to the year 1889. That’s when our great-grandfather built the Rasslhof and began serving its first customers. Our activities have always adhered to a respectful treatment of Nature and demonstrate our passion for wine-making. All of the wines that you can sample here come from our own vineyards in Tramin / Termeno and are produced and matured in our own cellars.

We attach special importance to ecological cultivation techniques and are currently in the conversion stage of bio-certification. Our wines bear the “Protected Designation of Origin” (D.O.C.) logo and we are among the smallest of the producers of D.O.C. quality wines in South Tyrol.

You are welcome to come and visit our wine shop and explore the wide range of delicious products made using ingredients from our estate. We carry herbal salts, aromatic bread spreads, exquisite syrups, etc. – the perfect additions to your dishes, guaranteeing a unique taste experience! Enjoy the aromas of our vinegar, the freshness of our apple juices and grape juices, and the intoxicating flavor of our distilled spirits. Every product represents the embodiment of traditional craftsmanship, made with home-grown ingredients and with attention to detail. Please come by and see for yourself! The great selection of our own line of products is sure to meet with your approval!

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